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Address- 9203 Jackrabbit rd. Houston Texas 77095

Phone #- 281-345-1178

Email Address- [email protected]

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About us….

Mashallah, Flaah has come a long way after almost more than a decade of serving the Houston area. We started from a couple of small buildings with only enough space to fit the few people that went there. 6 years ago we bought our own property and built a small mosque on it. Paying off the land at first seemed like a difficult goal, however with the blessings of Allah we were able to do it quickly. At this point, the community had started growing immensely and we were quickly running out of space. Mashallah, even after extensions we still run out of space. Its a great problem to have, but with our new project we hope to fix the problem. The beautiful new mosque is set to start construction in the coming weeks, and with your help we wish to be able to accumulate the funds for this massive project. We hope to help serve the Muslim community better with this project and create a mosque that generations after us can come to and follow the right path. Our vision is just that, a better and bigger muslim community…


The Muslim community in Houston is already one of the biggest and is rapidly growing. Mosques are needed to guide our children onto the right path. Flaah hopes to be one of those mosques and help generations ahead follow the path of the Quran. Please donate generously to help us complete this project.















  1. Sameh El Afifi says:

    i might move to Houston from middle east soon, and i have huge concern about my kids schools.
    i see some Islamic schools on web search but honestly i’m still confused.
    would you advise me which school is recommended from your side that has strong scientific education and keep Islamic culture respect.

    My kids currently in Grd 1 and 5 in SABIS schools


  2. bushra yasmeen says:

    assalam walikum
    i am bushra yasmeen. i am hafiz-e-quran. so do you need teacher for hafiza-e-quran. if u need, so inform me


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