Assalamu alaikum,

Flaah will continue to have Juma prayer today March 13th with provisions in place to protect the community. As always, please follow best practices and guidance from healthcare and government officials.

There will be a short Khutba

Prayers at 2:30 P.M and 3:30 P.M-

* People at higher risk of severe illness please stay at home and away from the masjid and other public facilities.

* People who are sick need to stay at home and quarantine to prevent infecting others.

* People with symptoms like cough, flu, fever or other respiratory problems please do not come to the masjid and follow guidance from your healthcare provider.

* People who have travelled recently please stay home and do not come to the masjid.

* Limit meeting and talking time outside of the masjid.

* Avoid shaking hands, instead use verbal greetings.

* Please bring your own prayer rug with you for all prayers, make wudu at home, limit the use of public bathrooms, and carry your own hand sanitizer.

The community’s health is incredibly important to us. Please take precautions and keep up to date with the active situation. We ask Allah to protect and guide us during these times.

Flaah Masjid – 9203 Jackrabbit Road, Houston TX, 77095

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