COVID-19 Update:

Assalamu alaikum,

After taking into consideration the guidelines from local, state and federal agencies Flaah will be moving all events online and canceling Friday prayers until further notice. We will be offering events and Sunday school online, which we will detail in another post.

This is not an easy decision, however, we have a duty to prevent the spread of this virus. We heavily stress to the community to take this situation very seriously and follow the guidelines recommending social distancing and staying at home.

It is important during these times to look to Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala to guide us out of this pandemic and protect our community and loved ones. We have to remember that all illnesses, diseases, and conditions belong to Allah, and the cures belong to Allah as well. Continue to offer your prayers at home and make Dua for the health and safety of you, your community and your loved ones.

InshaAllah, if we look to Allah, as well as follow the guidelines, we will stay healthy.

Please take the necessary precautions and keep up to date with the active situation.

Flaah Masjid – 9203 Jackrabbit Road, Houston TX, 7709

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