Flaah offers a wide selection of services for the community along with volunteering.

Sunday School (starting in July)

Please fill out this form if you are interested. Click here.

Quran Classes (after school Mon-Thurs)

For youth of all ages. Please email us at fl[email protected] if you’d like to join us for Quran classes.

Flaah offers a wide variety of volunteering opportunities for our community. In return for your volunteering we will either provide a letter certifying your hours or sign a school given form. Volunteering at Flaah not only gives you volunteering hours for school but also helps the Masjid!

If you are interested in volunteering please fill out this short form

Here are some of the volunteering options we offer at this time-

-Sunday School– Help us take care of the kids or teach them along with other things. -Starting in July 2019

-After School Classes– Help us take care of the kids or teach them along with other things. -Mon-Thurs from Asr to Maghrib.

-Help us at events– Help us set up for an event or help us during the event. This may include transferring food items or supplies, helping us set up tables, or cleaning up. -Visit the events page for upcoming events

-Cleaning/Building Maintenance– This can vary from helping us keep the masjid clean to other things such us helping us paint the Masjid!

Contact us for more information on volunteering opportunities. Please note that we will not give “free hours” and will require to be notified prior to volunteering. Email us at [email protected], Call us at 281-345-1178, Message us on www.facebook.com/FlaahOnline


You can record the hours you received from Flaah on this. It contains all information required to confirm you volunteered. Please get it signed by a Flaah representative to confirm you completed the hours. 


Attached Files- Volunteer Hours.pdf


Services Offered by Flaah

-Regular Prayer

-Islamic Classes

  • Monday-Thursday from Asr to Maghrib
  • Sunday School

Jummah Prayers

  • Khutbah- 2:30
  • Jammat- 3:00

-Other events, Programs, Fatihahs

  • Eid Jamat
  • Dars-ul-Quran
  • Womans Tafseer
  • And more….


-Please check events page for dates

  1. Adnan Qureshi says:

    Asalaamu’aliekum ,
    Is it possible to connect to wifi so my daughter can use Skype after magrib for Quran class? That way I can stay in masjid till Isha in sha Allah.



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